Shook -by- Lotidings

Here are the stories as I remember them true.

The first one starts early mornin of June 28, 1992.

I was shook awaken in my bed.
My thought, “just roll with it, it’s a small one.” in my head.
Stronger and harder was Earth’s very own roaring roll.

Then the transformer blew and fear wanted control.

I screamed for my babies “Get up, NOW! Get outta your beds”
I was worried I couldn’t get to them fast enough,

and the roof would cave in on their tiny heads.

We kept our brains and eyes covered
for safety, many would say,
as we huddled close together in the bedroom doorway.

Cut the gas, no electric, no phone.
It’s was 5am PST.  Millions of people home.
The car radio was giving news,

folks walking the streets checking for, “Anyone injured?” clues.

Can’t tell yet, if it’s a before.
This could only be the beginning.
A stronger one yet may be in store.

This act of God is gonna leave a sore.

McDonald’s was open. Coffee.
We started to calm down.
Then BOOM!! 8:04 am,

another strong Earthquake came rollin’ around.

I bounced back and forth,
this time in the dining room doorway,
my babies safe, in play’s daze.

Our bodies shook for 3 straight days.

All that I loved were alive and safe.
We were fortunately spared harm

during those two forceful Earthquakes.

Yet, in those mighty jolts not one glass, plate,
framed photo, painting or nicknack

fell out or off or lost its place.

It would be several years later, once again
I would feel controls fear.
September 11, 2001. The whole World shook,
attacked on U.S. soil.

My thought, “Is World War III near?”

This time, The Web and CNN reported live.
On the look in G.W. eyes,
the eerie silence in the U.S. skies,
the tragedies, and the destruction.
Did the Earth stop turning and if so under whose instruction?

The missing, displaced, so many dead.
On this morning every person of peace had tears to shed.

This was no act of God.
NO! Hatred of the “Free World” instead.

My babies were older, they were not with me at home.
I could feel my own fear in millions of others tho,

I knew like me, they were not alone.

We as people move forward, with our scars.
Our tears must dry.
Love conquers over fear.
and we’ll continue to pay whatever the price.
Our fight for Life is never too high.

Ice -by- Lotidings

Hey there Handsome, know your day has been busy, but I just had to share,
all about thoughts you put in my head this morning, to make you aware.

Remembering the rum, perfect was its spice
and the melting cold sensations when our
hot bodies melted the ice.

The erotic sound of your slurps,
as I ran my fingers through your hair,
my “OH MY GOD”, as I held your head.

How of me you first did flip,
then gently laid your tip.
My moans of excitement.
Your words of enticement.

Feeling uninhibitedly submissively free.
You brought out hidden sensual in my soul,
in those moments your words and breaths,
over me, took possession’s control.

How I returned your favor,
with such uncensored behavior.
I wanted your body to feel,
what you had done to mine with such zeal.

With ice in my mouth,
started to kissin’ your body movin’ south.

Your pelvic twitch.
My licking, suckling.
My whisper, ” Babe, you ain’t goin nowhere
til you reach ecstasy’s bliss.”

Your breathing, my nibbles,
how they kept in time.
Our passionate kiss after…
See what you did Babe?
You inspired this rhyme.

Kiss Me -by- Lotidings

Your lips haven’t left my mind.
My mouth is watering, my desire thirsts.
“Swapin spit” with you, sweeter than wine.
Kiss…me, let it tell me

“You’re my Woman! I’m proud your mine.”

Stick your tongue out, my teeth will give a gentle tug.
With one single kiss, we can start to unplug.
I want to feel your tongue’s swirl,
this very notion makes my toes curl.
Kiss…me, let’s see where our wheel lands

when we give it a whirl.

Ooh…mmm, tingling sensations, goosebumps,
the anticipation of the thrill,
when our mouths meet and seal.
Kiss…me.  Hear my passions echo
through your veins,

when I sex out your brains.

Take fair warning before we play,
Uh-huh, I’m sensually flirty, NO easy lay.
C’mere Babe, feel what my body’s
craving for you has to say.

Kiss…me, Handsome, let me make your day.

My breasts succulent, my hips curves.
The feel of you inside me as my
feminine muscles grip and swerves.
My mouth when I nibble over your body,
setting off erotic nerves.
You should be worshipped, all kings should.

Kiss…me, like only MY lover, would.

Did you feel that flutter through your hair?
It’s the haunt of my whisper,
sent only to you, with adoring flair,
blown to the NorthEast wind
“Come and Kiss your Babe…then kiss me again”.


Licky Sticky -by- Lotidings

Hey Handsome, whatcha doin?
I have this little naughty idea. Yeah…
It’s been brewing in my head,
about you and me wrestling in bed?

Something a little steamy to make our day complete.
Are you in the mood for a teeny erotic treat?

The treat includes candy,
whipped up with a few
ingredients that were handy.

In a favorite flavor of strawberry,
I’ll also pour us a rum and Dr. Pepper.
I promise Babe, you’ll have a smile and feel merry.

The candy I spread all over you,
Then I lick it off you from head to toe.
The plan is to stop and suckle your various erogenous zones,
every one of my nibbles you’ll feel down to your bones.

And when you scream my name
into the neighborhood hall of fame.

We’ll toss a log on our fire,
as our licky sticky bodies will require…

A shower…We’ll lather each other up, rinse,
then do me against the shower wall
until the hot water loses power.

We’ll dry each other off,
then moisturize for soft healthy skin.
and Sexy, if after you’re still hungry,
we’ll just eat the treat again.

Inklings -by- Lotidings

Hey Handsome,

Know your day will be busy, on certain priorities your mind must dote.
I miss you, so thought I’d drop you this little note.

Ask if there’s a way a little time you could steal,
come on over for lunch,
cuz if you have the appetite, I’d like to be your meal?

I’ll greet you at the door, my clothes already shed,
and allow me to do to you,
the erotic inklings swirling in my head.
By spending your lunch hour with me in bed.

I see us both on our knees,
I’m whispering, “I’m starvin’ for you, Babe,
go ahead…do me as you please.”

I’m straddling you from behind.
Does this give you and hint
just what I have in mind?

Y…e…s…s, pull me back is what you do,
as I grind down on your manhood,
my muscles grip tightly around you.

Your left hand gently cups my left breast,
my nipple rolls through your fingers.
I want to hear the tune that exploits my senses,
which is your moaning breaths.

Your right-hand tugs my hair back.
Then reminds me who I belong to,
with a soft hip pat.

Your smooth nibbles on my neck, turn to tiny bites,
so carefully placed, your “Babe was here marks”
but my hair keeps em out of sight.

So maybe you can steal a little time,
we can be alone. I have to see,
If I scream your name
like I do in my inklings fantasy.

BFF’s -by- Lotidings

BFF’s –                               “Hey Lo you sure are smile’n, Girl, you glow,
                                            who is he? Give it up! Spill it! We want to know.
                                            Are you in love?”

Lo –                                    “Oh boy! In love, I’ve been given a second look
                                             and evened a score.
                                             Then one night there he was,
                                             and opened his private door.
                                             Yeah, I’m in love, like I’ve never been before.”
                                             He said,

The Hunk
Muffin –                            “There’s a lot at stake,
                                             to be with me, you better have what it takes.
                                             Your icing is pretty, I want to taste your cake.
                                             Bring no salt in old wounds to pour.”

Lo –                                    “If he only knew. I’ve never been in love like this before.”

BFF’s –                               “OMG, Lo, say you didn’t tell him?”

Lo –                                    “I don’t pretend to know what he’s feelin’,
                                            I only know it’s my heart he’s stealin’.
                                            When we’re close for some strong reason
                                            I want my clothes off, they just start peelin’.
                                            of him, I only want more.
                                            I’m in love like I’ve never been before.”

BFF’s –                              “She did…She told him.
                                            It’s the Private Number
                                            Lo, get your mind off the Baja seashore.”

Lo –                                   “I find myself prayin’
                                           Lord, please hear what I”m sayin’,
                                           my hearts not playin’,
                                           In my life I want him stayin’.
                                           He makes my soul roar.
                                           I’m in love like I’ve never been before.”

Aunt Peg –                       “Are you sure you’re in love,
                                           or he can just do you correctly?”

BFF’s  –                             “Yep it’s that Hunk Muffin
                                           does he have a friend? We want a Private Number.”

Lo –                                   *Smirk*

Private Number -by- Lotidings

Hello Private Number, my smile now a mile wide.
Let me hear your boyish giggle,

how it brings out my erotic side.

I want to hear all about your day,
the ins, outs, ups, downs,

could you take a lunchtime get-away?

(I want to taste your lips)

It’s just the way it is, at this moment we have to be apart.

Still, everyday feelings for you grow in my heart.

Are you kicked back in bed?
I know you’ll remember everything said.

I’m gonna describe for you what clothes I’m about to shed.

I’m playing “Closer” in the background.

When I’m finished, I hope you’re all smiles and forget the day’s frown.

I’m unbuttoning my pink blouse slowly, as around my room I dance,

I whisper, “I’ll pull you close and hold you tight as soon as I get the chance.”

(I want your tongue nibbling my breasts)

I’m unzipping my black skirt, sliding it off over my hips,

and running my tongue around the top of my lips.

I’m exposing my bra and panties in Midnight blue lace.

Uh-huh, in a sensual way today I took you with me every place.

Tell me Private Number if we could be together right now
what to me you would do?
See my mind strolls to the stairs, kitchen counter, the fireplace
and I start to feel so blue,

I need to look to forward, each time we share ourselves it’s brand new.

Private Number let’s steal a long weekend in Baja,
we can taste and please each other in the sand,
right there in front of God and the waves

on the very Earth where we’ll stand.

(I want your hands exploring every inch of me)

Private Number to hear you is like aphrodisiac twitches through me,
my hands slide up my thighs,
I’m touching myself, I ache to feel you inside.

Tuck me in Private Number,
maybe now we both can get a little slumber.
I hope you enjoyed my audible carnal sighs?

As yours sang to my soul like a lullaby.

(My toes want to tickle your cheeks)

{Thank you, Kenny, for your compliment “Oh my my my, so hot, erotic and arousing.”}