Zone In -by- LoTidings

When I see you, tingles rush through my being.
What is this crazy thing, exactly? That I’m feeling.
I only know my eyes can not hide,
my desire for you bursting inside.

When your hands glide over me
as if I’m a fine piece of art,
I want to slide my hands over the throb
of your phallus start.
Ooh! the quiver in my lips as you enter me
with your manhood’s dart.

I am captivated by your brawny scent,
The aroma of our bodies sweat,
anticipating.. enjoying each other
as a personal banquet.
The beautiful whiff of our fused
zenith releases on the bed so wet.

Just to hear the ping in your messages tone,
then you say, “Hey Baby, can’t wait to get you alone.”
I say, “I want to hear the zing in your grunts
and the blare in your moan.
You say, “HAWT!!, I may have to do you in the truck,
why wait for home.”

Whether slowly or a quickie, yet never in haste.
Sharing each other, our bond encased.
There’s smack in my lips,
you’ve become my favorite taste.
And when we kiss during our climaxes interlaced,
we’re taking a reviving drink, holy based.
By you, once again my womanhood graced.

All my senses on you zone in,
that includes my Sixth sense, called woman’s intuition.
Can you sense it, it’s calling to you,
saying “Babe meet me…I’ll be on
a counter in the kitchen.
I’m sensing you’re hungry and need a few
helpings of my special nutrition.
How about it Baby, ready for another sexual expedition?

It’s Halloween -by- LoTidings

Let’s get out our spooky.
Let’s get our freak.
Let’s sit the bowl of candy outside
for a game of hide-and-seek.
I could be Cleopatra when our lips meet.

Maybe as Bonnie Parker, I’ll put it twitch in your hips,
or as a bare-breasted angel

caressing your chest with my nipple tips.

Maybe I’ll toss in a little sensual gore,
as Marilyn Monroe licking and suckling your body
until it greets ecstasy door,
or maybe as a vampire feeding my appetite

through your manhood’s core.

Maybe you’ll find me as Eve… knowing me for the first time (;)
with my ankles on your shoulders

or on all fours on the floor.

Yes, Baby, it’s Halloween.. my body’s on fire for you

Your name in euphoria I want to scream.

Only you can turn down the flames in my desires heat,
I’ll do all your favorite erotic tricks

and be your treat.

Your costume?… the lover of course!

pumpkins trick or treat

Spy -by- LoTidings

Hey, Babe, I’m happy your home,
I’ve been missing you and feeling alone.
Today I took a drive, I picked up an ice cream cone.
As I took a lick,
an arousing musing of you overtook my thought
and it rhymes with a pogo stick.

So you noticed the way I’m dressed,
brought on by more erotic thoughts of you, I must confess.
In a trench coat,
silk stockings black.
I’m going to take command over your remote.

See I’m in “ravish you” mode.
We’re going to play, “Spy”.
I’ll investigate all your erogenous zones
to unlock your “Secret Code”.
I take a seat upon a chair
do my best “Sharon Stone”
totally bare.

It’s my mission because I’ve decided to accept it.
(No this tape will not self-destruct in 5 seconds)

I know how to get my first clues,
We’ll throw in a game of naked Twister.
With a kiss-kiss here, and a peck-peck there.
Here a nibble, there a nibble, everywhere a nibble-nibble.
(You said you liked my singing?)

Your physical evidence in glowing flesh hue,
Nothing feels more beautiful when we’re quenching
your desire me and my desire for you.

I want to light that flame,
burn through your veins.
Your body gone wild,
inhibitions can’t contain,
Ecstasy’s slow torture,
the majesty in its insane.
No stopping till I feel tame!

I’ll take the challenge, accept the dare
You’re my man I want to take you there,
to Heaven on Earth’s pinnacle… is exactly where.

**Yes, Babe next time we’ll play “Men in Black”,
of course, you can be the space alien, but …
ya gotta wear tentacles ;)**

Practice -by- Lotidings

You’re such a tease. You creepin’ up behind me, to give my butt a slap.
I tugged on your arm and said, “Ya know, ya gotta give the other cheek a tap.
C’mon, let’s take a frisky nap.”

We practiced the sacred ancient art,
when a man and woman become one,
as they have since creations start.

Let’s practice? Take me there.
Set free erotic inhibitions, caged in my soul.
I crave you! My body can’t wait to take the dare.

Use your hands to explore me in that special way you do.
Your touch sends tingles through me,
I become bewitched, by your kisses brew.
I only want to please you.

Let your mouth do a few “fly-bys” where your hands once explored,
while my desire for you becomes fully charged,
You plug me in, like an electric cord.

I want to feel bliss, lying beneath you. We just let go.
it’s not giving, it’s not taking, when we both lose control.

I want to leave your shoulders sore, from my ankles indentations.
As we practice, giving each other to ourselves without limitations.

We can watch each others body’s and each other’s faces,
as we peak reaching ecstasy’s graces.

Oooh, thrill me, Babe! So loud, my moans whine.
Then whisper to me, “You’ll be walkin’ funny,
when we’re finished this time.”

Collapse on top of me. There’s peace in our fast heartbeats and panting breaths.
Our kisses say everything. Fall asleep with you inside me, refueling with some rest.

“When we awake, our eyes say, “Let’s do it again.”
I’ll throw on your shirt. A few munchies will propel our erotic Zen.

To the kitchen, I took a tottling walk,
we hollered back and forth in sexual innuendo talk.

I yelled out “Babe, I need the bowl from the top shelf”
Before I knew it, I was pinned against the kitchen counter and yourself.

My hands glided over the top of the counter, I said, “Look at all this free space.”
Then you pulled my hair, bit my neck and whispered. “That’s why I came
runnin’ Baby, you’re the only delicacy I want to taste.”

Let’s practice, Babe, no time to waste.

(In the moments we freely give, are the moments remembered we truly lived)

Classic Elements -by- Lotidings

I’m feelin’, blue and lonesome, as I glance at the pillow where your heard should rest.
I’m on the bed dreamin’, about when we can share ecstasy’s nest.

How we start with Water, our spit merging as we passionately kiss,
then the titillating sensations, when around my breasts, your tongue
takes a twist.

Then it’s my turn to taste you, just a few little licks, I like your smile to glow.
Elementally, Baby, we’ll add a little Air to our sensual show,

Because where I’m gonna lick your body, is where I’m gonna blow.

Now we’ve sparked a Fire, we’re left with only one way out.
That’s when you’ll pull me to you, you can mold me any way you please.
Five, six, seven positions? We’ll we start on my hands and knees?


Lordamercy, will I be pinned against a wall where I stand?

I willingly give you power over me, as I await your next arousing command.

This is where you bring me right to pinnacles gate.

The whole Earth moves. EArTHqUAkE~

As for Spirit, we’re the only spirits that matter.
When I’m crawlin’ beside you, as we laugh and chit-chatter,
over a few of our sensual scenes.
No one or No… thing can come between us

when we share priceless intimacy.

I remind you who the protector of your manhood is
with a little cuppin’ and tender patting.

While we fall asleep and do a little napping.

Maybe it’s universal to feel lonesome and blue,
when one is missing a classic element,
the other elements cry out for it too.
My most important classic element is missing,
that element Babe is you.

Or -by- LoTidings

Hey Baby, c’mere wanna play?
I’m thinkin’ of a sensual escape,
before we doze off for the day.

Tell me, Babe, on me, what would you like to see?
Where would you like to go, I want to be your fantasy.

I can be your cheerleader, and you my handsome hunk.
Where underneath stadium bleachers,
with my pom-poms, you can frolic,
as I display my charismatic home team spunk.

Or – You can be a debonaire pirate captain,
and I your ransomed token.
We can take a boat to the water, there you
ravish me into submission.
I want you to feel my purr’s tame
when you hear my orgasmic permission.

Or – I’ll meet you down the street, dressed in
police officer blue. I’ll handcuff, frisk and
present my warrant of arrest.
Place you in the back seat, then orally provide
your rights until you howl, “No more” in protest.

Or – I’ll tidy up around the house as a “French maid”,
To please you my only mission.
Anything you want Baby, no conditions or omissions.

Or – If you’re feeling a little tense, You can be my patient
I’ll be your physician.
Thoroughly your body, from head to toe I’ll examine.
You can press me against the shower wall,
while you do some ramin’.

Or – Let’s cuddle and talk about the pro’s and con’s
of several Karma Sutra positions.
Then we’ll try a few out and make our own renditions.

So Babe, do you wanna play?
To sensually escape with you…MMMM
I’ve been thinkin about it all day.

Somedays -by- LoTidings

Somedays I can’t win for losin,
Somedays I should just stay in bed.
Somedays I do all the talkin,
when I should have listened to what’s being said.
Somedays I can’t justify my own actions,
 my tone misunderstood instead.

Somedays I can’t lower the volume,
from my aching hearts own scream.
Somedays I can’t find a piece to my own puzzle,
to keep together my life’s theme.

Somedays to apologize and say,
“I’m sorry. Forgive me!” just isn’t enough.
Somedays a “life slap” can feel so hard,
it brings a humbling to my “stay-tough”.

Somedays I want things “my way!”,
no joking, no kidding…total calm down.
Somedays I hear no laughter
when everyone near is a clown.

Nowadays, somedays turned into every day,
I miss you!
You’re not around.