Twisted -by- Lotidings

In our beginning, I admit I was scared
of the very feelings, we now have shared.
I can not change the person inside that I am.
A natural tease and flirt.

Can you accept this as my Man?

So one night in confusion, I called out to you.
I felt violated, didn’t know what to do.
You could give no compassion, you through a fit.

Which smashed my heart is what you did.

Instead, you called upon another,
When you already have the truest of a lover.

Forgetting that we love each other.

Yet it’s me that asks you to forgive,

as life without you is lonely to live.

Week after week the same old fight.
My insides stay twisted. A daily plight.
What is it that you just can’t see.

You’re the one I want. I love you. Yes ME!

Maybe you can’t say, “There’s just so many. I want to play.”
Now I’ll bow out gracefully. If you truly want me to go away.
And when I look back, I’ll read this rhyme.
and remember the beauty
of the love we made in this lifetime.

(Thank you again, Jon, for the inspiration)

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