Clover -by- “Harvard & Yale”

Some people say, “It’s over when it’s over.”
but with him it’s not true, it’s like rolling in clover.

I remember as a child rolling down a hill.
I’d wrap arms and legs with a friend.

Oh, what a thrill.

Faster and faster we tumble down the slope,
till we got to the bottom.

Was that the end…Nope.

I’d try to stand up but I was too dizzy.

The trip and my friend created this tizzy.

It’s like that now with us, “Harvard and Yale”

“Yale” you’re all woman. “Harvard” you’re all male.

When we gaze at each other,
we look forward to the next sail.

Both with wide smiles and deep exhales.

“C’mon Baby, let’s go to bed.”

Where on your chest I can lay my head.

Straddled with each other and a rolling embrace.

We two like children with a smile on our face.

As soon as we get to the bottom of the hill,

can’t wait for the next time of our neverending thrill.

(With these two it’s forever, like rolling in clover.)

We did it…then we did it  😉

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