Pink Sky -by- Lotidings

I had been on such a natural high,

like clouds at sunset;

a beautiful pink sky.

Then knocked straight down, from gossip’s frown,
but I vow I’ll have the last laugh

like a circus clown.

 If to you I am no more than they,
just say goodbye and I’ll be on my way.
Since such gossip has touched your ears,
you’ve pulled away from me your affection

due to fears.

All our fighting is starting to physically take its toll.
You can no longer tell me you love me…

ripping apart my soul.

Maybe it’s all a small part of manipulations game.
Did you see me as wild and under your spells charm, I’d become tame?
I swear you’ll never forget the way I can sensually

make you feel or my name!

Where’s your faith in what we share?
We both were willing when we took the dare.

In each other’s eyes as we make love we need to stare.

Yet we still reach for each other daily. Our grips so tight
and I believe we both hold on, we can’t let go

because we know we’re both worth the fight.

So Yes I want back my natural high,
as what we share is more beautiful
then clouds of a sunsets pink sky.

(JM  A dare that will never be forgotten!)

Thank you for the reply JM  😉

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