Mad -by- Lotidings

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so they say.
I’m sure that’s what you thought of the day you threw me away.
I’m mad, yeah I’m pretty tough!.
I’m sick and tired of your game’s replay.

You treated me like crap, less than an honorable mention.
I’ve come to my senses now and figured out your intention.

No, I’m not stupid, I’m not blind.
When I was made the mold was broke, I’m one of a kind.
My kinda lovin’ only comes around once in a lifetime.

I don’t want you back.

Do enjoy the stench of your skank,
so low on the scale, she doesn’t even rank.

I’ll be nice.

I wish for you she’s everything you dream of,
I’ll go one step further,
I hope she was sent to you from heaven above.

As in our haunt, I’m gonna continue to play,
where you can see me giggle or my hips sway.
Yep, I’m gonna flirt and I’m gonna tease,
then tell another guy,
“C’mere babe, let me do to you as I please.”

You may want to take a chill pill or suck on a butterscotch,
of me, you’ll never again hold or touch,
all you’ll be able to do…(if you can stand it)…is watch!

{Thank you, Jon, for the inspiration ;)}

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