Flame -by- Lotidings

We’re arousing, thrilling, exciting,
Do we get turned on by our fighting?

The day you came home from work
I remember how you lost your thought,
I hope I drove you berserk.

Do we secretly enjoy the pain, when we reach out to touch our flame?
Are we both challenged by our game,
or is it since the first time we loved,
we can’t face the fact we’ll never be the same?

Have we lost our senses, can you concentrate?
Worst of all I can barely write,
All I can feel is us, your thrusting,
while my muscles squeeze your manhood tight.

C’mere let’s hold on to each other, as we stand in the middle,
what we have touches on wicked, at times a tad evil.

We can grow, our desires and passion, that’s where we can lay the blame.
Yes…Hold on to me Babe, as our souls burn in the middle of our flame.

I want to gaze upon you as you sprawl,
as on top of you, I’d like to crawl.
A little nibble here and there
down on you I become oral,
the lady inside of me leaves, every single moral.

To hear your moans and feel your quivers, over my suckling,
I take a break to give you a kiss
and whisper, “Do save some for our f******”.

Right then that’s when you give me a flip,
and inside me, I can feel the play of your rims tip.

You tug my head back and pull my hair,
Then whisper, “You bring out a beast inside me
I’m gonna f** you for hours, do prepare.
You’re gonna scream over and over…OH MY GOD BABE RIGHT THERE!”

Everyday deeper becomes the fall.
Is this why you need to think?
Is this why you stall?
Don’t forget there are two hearts that beat.
I won’t leave you alone in our flames heat.

Indeed the Devil was laughing at us when we both took the dare.
There’s no turning back, see you are my prayer.
Hold on to me as we combust in our flame.
We’ll burn together as we both go insane.

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