Do Me -by- Lotidings

I like the way you do me.
You can feel right through me.

I hear your sexy voice and I go mad.

I think you saw me comin’.
Grabbed my arm,
said, “Hey Girl where you runnin’?
Why don’t you to do me with your lovin’?

I’ll be your Sir Galahad,”

“See Boy, I’m not playin’,
Don’t want no games, no betrayin’.
What I”m simply sayin’,

my heart is set on you ironclad.

The tingles from you soothe me.
Your laughter always moves me.
When I’m near you,

this good girl wants to be bad.

Yeah, the sound of your giggle,
makes my hips wiggle.
How about a little nibble?
I’m talkin’ all over your body,

not just a tad.

Do continue to pursue me.
 Can’t get enough of the way you do me.
I’m a little wild, can’t be tamed.
I love the way you command.

Keep doin’ me, Babe!

Take me in hand.

(Thank you for your compliment JM 😉
“How about a Nibble for a Midnight snack!”)

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