A Midnight’s Rhyme -by- Lotidings

Once upon a Midnight’s rhyme.
in the deep sensual corners of my mind,
is where my lover comes to me
when I close my eyes at bedtime.

Here I know every curve of his silhouette,
and the sweet smell of his hard-working sweat.
Our juices soon to mix.
Tonight will he chose to take me on the living room carpet?

He greets me with a gentle yet strong embrace,
my hands glide up to caress his handsome face.
Our lips meet and our spit starts to merge.
I’ll whisper, “Send me there Baby…to ecstasy place.”

Piece by piece our clothes are shed.
So HOT is our passion,
we don’t make it to bed.
Maybe he’ll choose a wall or kitchen counter instead?

I take a nibble or two from his chest.
Pressed against him with my breasts.
He whispers, “Tonight Baby, we get no rest.”

Soon my body is explored with his sturdy hands.
Our breathing becomes shallow,
as every inch of me, he finely scans.
Again I whisper, “Tame me, Baby!
Your wishes are my commands.”

“Uh-huh”, I say. my lips move down on him because I’m gonna suckle.
“I’m gonna score tricks on you Baby, like a game of pinochle.”
My right-hand slides down to undo his belt buckle.

He holds my head sturdy.
With one firm grip, he moans,
“Oohh my God Baby. like New Year’s confetti, I’m about  to explode.”

“C’mere Baby”, he says, “I want to taste your lips.
Then I crawl to straddle him.
He now feels my wetness drips.
As I kiss him hard and passionately,
he guides his manhood inside me
and presses down on my hips.

Our breathing is now in pants, through our moans and groans.
The difference is heard in our screeching cumming tones.
Mine are soprano. His are baritones.

So intense is each of our climax releases.
We two become one, no longer separate pieces.
Better than any artists masterpieces.

So we talk, share, tease and jest.
We are indeed intimacy blessed.
We both flash a sly smile and remember
“Tonight we get no rest.”

Yes, once upon a Midnight’s rhyme,
from the deep sensual corners of my mind.
My lover came to love me
when I closed my eyes at bedtime.

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