Dream Whisper -by- Lotidings

In a dream whisper of you
I awake, take a stretch and think, “Jump in the shower,
what the heck he’ll probably sleep another hour.”

I put on your shirt, bend over and softly kiss your forehead,
I whisper, “Thank you for the smile on my face, I know how you
can keep it goin.” then leave you in bed.

I grab a towel and turned on the water.
I keep thinking, “He’s so sexy even in slumber.”

I must have jumped five feet when you step in and say, “Boo!”
You slowly gave my body a once over look and hand me shampoo.

I turn around to face you, you nibble on my neck,
and whisper, “Babe, I’m gonna give your body my
personal hands-on check.

You take a little soap to delicately lather up my breasts,
and as you do I witness your manhood manifest.

You pull me to you, your hands firmly squeeze my butt,
you say, “Why don’t you “Do Me” Babe, your way, totally uncut?”

Your kiss is sultry, you bite my bottom lip.
I say, “quench my thirst Babe, can I have another sip?”

I feel a tad whimsical when you turn me around
and press me against you and the shower wall,
as you tug on my hair, snip my shoulder,
your knees spread my legs and enter me like a cannonball.

I bring my hands back to hold on to your hips.
I squeal out, “DO ME, BABE!”
My moans turn to quips.

Ooh…your pumping.
Aah…your thrusting.

Our breathing fast and shallow,
as we both reach ecstasy’s summit.
So beautiful…So hallow.

We hold each other while our breathing and heartbeats
return to conventional
What a way to start our day.
Thank you, Babe, did you read my mind?
I wake up, alone, sigh..so unintentional.

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