Slowly -by- Lotidings

Hey Babe, c’mere… I’ve been missing you.
My soft giggly chuckle is really say’n

I’ve been think’n of sexy things together we can do.

So many rush, do to fashions flair,

as speed seems essential during desires dare.

Which of course happens in heats of the moments,

But I say, slowly and we’ll avoid such torments.

I want to stare deeply into your eyes, enfold your face,

while you unhook and slide off my lace.

Lie me back on the bed, hold my hands above my head,
while underneath you, my body twitches,
into ecstasy’s waters, we are about to tread.


Kiss me bold and passionately, to savor each other’s taste.

No rush, no hurry, no haste.

Glide your hands all over me,
so I can hold on to each tingle,

setting a few of my kinks free.

Gradually suckle and caress my breasts,
So you hear my purr through my panted breaths.
It tells me I’m your lover,

not some conquest.

Vibes from my body, how it moves with your gentle touch.
I’m on fire for you Babe,

YES….bring out the woman in me and such.

My toes coast up and down your calves,
tells you I”m ready, nothing blocks my entry path.


Many positions tonight for us to try,
We won’t get to them all,

So help me I’ll drain you dry.

Just a few precious uninhibited sensual moments,
We share them, they’re ours.
Slowly Babe, uhhuh…tonight we please each other for hours.

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