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BFF’s -by- Lotidings

BFF’s –                               “Hey Lo you sure are smile’n, Girl, you glow,
                                            who is he? Give it up! Spill it! We want to know.
                                            Are you in love?”

Lo –                                    “Oh boy! In love, I’ve been given a second look
                                             and evened a score.
                                             Then one night there he was,
                                             and opened his private door.
                                             Yeah, I’m in love, like I’ve never been before.”
                                             He said,

The Hunk
Muffin –                            “There’s a lot at stake,
                                             to be with me, you better have what it takes.
                                             Your icing is pretty, I want to taste your cake.
                                             Bring no salt in old wounds to pour.”

Lo –                                    “If he only knew. I’ve never been in love like this before.”

BFF’s –                               “OMG, Lo, say you didn’t tell him?”

Lo –                                    “I don’t pretend to know what he’s feelin’,
                                            I only know it’s my heart he’s stealin’.
                                            When we’re close for some strong reason
                                            I want my clothes off, they just start peelin’.
                                            of him, I only want more.
                                            I’m in love like I’ve never been before.”

BFF’s –                              “She did…She told him.
                                            It’s the Private Number
                                            Lo, get your mind off the Baja seashore.”

Lo –                                   “I find myself prayin’
                                           Lord, please hear what I”m sayin’,
                                           my hearts not playin’,
                                           In my life I want him stayin’.
                                           He makes my soul roar.
                                           I’m in love like I’ve never been before.”

Aunt Peg –                       “Are you sure you’re in love,
                                           or he can just do you correctly?”

BFF’s  –                             “Yep it’s that Hunk Muffin
                                           does he have a friend? We want a Private Number.”

Lo –                                   *Smirk*

Private Number -by- Lotidings

Hello Private Number, my smile now a mile wide.
Let me hear your boyish giggle,

how it brings out my erotic side.

I want to hear all about your day,
the ins, outs, ups, downs,

could you take a lunchtime get-away?

(I want to taste your lips)

It’s just the way it is, at this moment we have to be apart.

Still, everyday feelings for you grow in my heart.

Are you kicked back in bed?
I know you’ll remember everything said.

I’m gonna describe for you what clothes I’m about to shed.

I’m playing “Closer” in the background.

When I’m finished, I hope you’re all smiles and forget the day’s frown.

I’m unbuttoning my pink blouse slowly, as around my room I dance,

I whisper, “I’ll pull you close and hold you tight as soon as I get the chance.”

(I want your tongue nibbling my breasts)

I’m unzipping my black skirt, sliding it off over my hips,

and running my tongue around the top of my lips.

I’m exposing my bra and panties in Midnight blue lace.

Uh-huh, in a sensual way today I took you with me every place.

Tell me Private Number if we could be together right now
what to me you would do?
See my mind strolls to the stairs, kitchen counter, the fireplace
and I start to feel so blue,

I need to look to forward, each time we share ourselves it’s brand new.

Private Number let’s steal a long weekend in Baja,
we can taste and please each other in the sand,
right there in front of God and the waves

on the very Earth where we’ll stand.

(I want your hands exploring every inch of me)

Private Number to hear you is like aphrodisiac twitches through me,
my hands slide up my thighs,
I’m touching myself, I ache to feel you inside.

Tuck me in Private Number,
maybe now we both can get a little slumber.
I hope you enjoyed my audible carnal sighs?

As yours sang to my soul like a lullaby.

(My toes want to tickle your cheeks)

House Chores -by- Lotidings

Hey Handsome, let’s play around the house today.
We’ll tidy things up, all straight and neat

and while we’re at it, ignite our pangs heat.

You sure look fine, standing there,
shirtless in your perfect fitting jeans

with feet that are bare.

Sexy Thing, you could take out the trash,
not that it needs empty’n,

but so I can watch your rearview walk past.

I’ll start on the windows only in an apron’s short skirt, no panties.
I’ll reach, stretch and bend over for you.

Do these give you any hints on what to you I’d like to do?

Ooh YES… you can stand close behind me. pressed against me tight.

We’ll be illuminating together through the window’s sunlight.

You can place your hand over mine as together the spots I missed we clean over.

My butt can feel your hardness grow as of me you hover.

We’ll leave my breast smudges on the glass where they were compressed
allowing our cleaning to became sensual and we’re totally undressed.
Leave them up for a week or two,
as a reminder of the smile on your face this day,

is what I think we should do.

We can give the neighbors something to talk about,
as they watch our desires brew,

So zealous is our passion, they can’t buy it on Paper-View.

After all our sweat from our hard work, let’s take a hot relaxing bath,
Babe, you can use a magnifying glass, Uh-huh
Lather we all over make sure my nooks and crannies are clean,

then moisturize all parts so I stay soft and gleam.

I’ll straddle you, grinding down, as I nibble your bottom lip,
Babe, kiss me now! Ecstasy’s roar is about to quip.

Right there…AH…AH..B…A…B…E……..!!

Two hearts racing, breathing shallow.
Two now one, pure and Devine.
Say, Babe maybe for house chores

should we spend more time?

Wanna do laundry next?
You can do me on top of the washer.

We can share our own agitation cycle.

Like the can of soup says You’re “MMM…MMM Good.”

{Thank you, Jon, for the compliment – “Call Private number at the Midnight hour!}

Slowly -by- Lotidings

Hey Babe, c’mere… I’ve been missing you.
My soft giggly chuckle is really say’n

I’ve been think’n of sexy things together we can do.

So many rush, do to fashions flair,

as speed seems essential during desires dare.

Which of course happens in heats of the moments,

But I say, slowly and we’ll avoid such torments.

I want to stare deeply into your eyes, enfold your face,

while you unhook and slide off my lace.

Lie me back on the bed, hold my hands above my head,
while underneath you, my body twitches,
into ecstasy’s waters, we are about to tread.


Kiss me bold and passionately, to savor each other’s taste.

No rush, no hurry, no haste.

Glide your hands all over me,
so I can hold on to each tingle,

setting a few of my kinks free.

Gradually suckle and caress my breasts,
So you hear my purr through my panted breaths.
It tells me I’m your lover,

not some conquest.

Vibes from my body, how it moves with your gentle touch.
I’m on fire for you Babe,

YES….bring out the woman in me and such.

My toes coast up and down your calves,
tells you I”m ready, nothing blocks my entry path.


Many positions tonight for us to try,
We won’t get to them all,

So help me I’ll drain you dry.

Just a few precious uninhibited sensual moments,
We share them, they’re ours.
Slowly Babe, uhhuh…tonight we please each other for hours.

Dream Whisper -by- Lotidings

In a dream whisper of you
I awake, take a stretch and think, “Jump in the shower,
what the heck he’ll probably sleep another hour.”

I put on your shirt, bend over and softly kiss your forehead,
I whisper, “Thank you for the smile on my face, I know how you
can keep it goin.” then leave you in bed.

I grab a towel and turned on the water.
I keep thinking, “He’s so sexy even in slumber.”

I must have jumped five feet when you step in and say, “Boo!”
You slowly gave my body a once over look and hand me shampoo.

I turn around to face you, you nibble on my neck,
and whisper, “Babe, I’m gonna give your body my
personal hands-on check.

You take a little soap to delicately lather up my breasts,
and as you do I witness your manhood manifest.

You pull me to you, your hands firmly squeeze my butt,
you say, “Why don’t you “Do Me” Babe, your way, totally uncut?”

Your kiss is sultry, you bite my bottom lip.
I say, “quench my thirst Babe, can I have another sip?”

I feel a tad whimsical when you turn me around
and press me against you and the shower wall,
as you tug on my hair, snip my shoulder,
your knees spread my legs and enter me like a cannonball.

I bring my hands back to hold on to your hips.
I squeal out, “DO ME, BABE!”
My moans turn to quips.

Ooh…your pumping.
Aah…your thrusting.

Our breathing fast and shallow,
as we both reach ecstasy’s summit.
So beautiful…So hallow.

We hold each other while our breathing and heartbeats
return to conventional
What a way to start our day.
Thank you, Babe, did you read my mind?
I wake up, alone, unintentional.

Relax -by- Lotidings

I look at the clock and it’s time to get dressed,

 all I can think about is together our bodies are pressed.

And to keep ablaze our flame,

tell me, Babe, would you like to play a game?

Pick a number between one and seven?
“4,” you say.  Hmmm, YOU win,

a teeny slice of Heaven.

Oh yeah, your shirt and jeans they have to go.
I want to see your body bare, uh-huh see it glow.

Let me undo your jeans Babe, I’ll take em off slow.

C’mere Babe, take a seat on the bed.
Kick back, stretch out,

while I tie your hands above your head.

I almost forgot a little blindfold for your eyes,
see I have in mind for you a little surprise.

Are you comfortable Babe?

I’m gonna take a feather and glide it
all over you from head to toe,
and when I hit your erogenous zones,

well in those parts I’m gonna gently blow.

I want to hear your excited, anxious sighs,
right now as my feather

caresses the insides of your thighs.

I whisper, “Tell me “My King”, what would you like next?

Remember, want you want, I’m gonna make sure you get.”

I’m gonna stream my breasts across your face,
with a slight evil chuckle.

“Ha…Not yet Babe, can you suckle.”

Today of you I”m gonna tease and I’m gonna play,
I’ve made up my mind, I’m gonna bring you

to a climax peak my way.

You just relax right there Babe, I’ll be back in a few minutes  😉

“Oh my God”, huh?

In this moment, who’s your God?

A Midnight’s Rhyme -by- Lotidings

Once upon a Midnight’s rhyme.
in the deep sensual corners of my mind,
is where my lover comes to me
when I close my eyes at bedtime.

Here I know every curve of his silhouette,
and the sweet smell of his hard-working sweat.
Our juices soon to mix.
Tonight will he chose to take me on the living room carpet?

He greets me with a gentle yet strong embrace,
my hands glide up to caress his handsome face.
Our lips meet and our spit starts to merge.
I’ll whisper, “Send me there Baby…to ecstasy place.”

Piece by piece our clothes are shed.
So HOT is our passion,
we don’t make it to bed.
Maybe he’ll choose a wall or kitchen counter instead?

I take a nibble or two from his chest.
Pressed against him with my breasts.
He whispers, “Tonight Baby, we get no rest.”

Soon my body is explored with his sturdy hands.
Our breathing becomes shallow,
as every inch of me, he finely scans.
Again I whisper, “Tame me, Baby!
Your wishes are my commands.”

“Uh-huh”, I say. my lips move down on him because I’m gonna suckle.
“I’m gonna score tricks on you Baby, like a game of pinochle.”
My right-hand slides down to undo his belt buckle.

He holds my head sturdy.
With one firm grip, he moans,
“Oohh my God Baby. like New Year’s confetti, I’m about  to explode.”

“C’mere Baby”, he says, “I want to taste your lips.
Then I crawl to straddle him.
He now feels my wetness drips.
As I kiss him hard and passionately,
he guides his manhood inside me
and presses down on my hips.

Our breathing is now in pants, through our moans and groans.
The difference is heard in our screeching cumming tones.
Mine are soprano. His are baritones.

So intense is each of our climax releases.
We two become one, no longer separate pieces.
Better than any artists masterpieces.

So we talk, share, tease and jest.
We are indeed intimacy blessed.
We both flash a sly smile and remember
“Tonight we get no rest.”

Yes, once upon a Midnight’s rhyme,
from the deep sensual corners of my mind.
My lover came to love me
when I closed my eyes at bedtime.