Do Me -by- Lotidings

I like the way you do me.
You can feel right through me.

I hear your sexy voice and I go mad.

I think you saw me comin’.
Grabbed my arm,
said, “Hey Girl where you runnin’?
Why don’t you to do me with your lovin’?

I’ll be your Sir Galahad,”

“See Boy, I’m not playin’,
Don’t want no games, no betrayin’.
What I”m simply sayin’,

my heart is set on you ironclad.

The tingles from you soothe me.
Your laughter always moves me.
When I’m near you,

this good girl wants to be bad.

Yeah, the sound of your giggle,
makes my hips wiggle.
How about a little nibble?
I’m talkin’ all over your body,

not just a tad.

Do continue to pursue me.
 Can’t get enough of the way you do me.
I’m a little wild, can’t be tamed.
I love the way you command.
Keep doin’ me, Babe!

Take me in hand.

(Thank you for your compliment JM 😉
“How about a Nibble for a Midnight snack!”)

Minute By Minute -by- Lotidings

This day will be long.
I’ve gotta keep things straight, dig deep,
but I’ll stay strong.

“Come hell or high water” I’ll get through this day.
I’ll take it minute by minute,
think of our good times and play.

I’ll tell myself to be angry,
relive how you allowed words from others
to drag us through the dirt.
So should you look at me,
you’ll never see
on my face my woeful hurt.

I believe down the road on your journey’s stroll
You’ll remember this woman who adores you,
how your pride had to stay tough and cold,
The Devil at us once again laughing, cuz he took his toll.

I want to run to you, this urge doesn’t want to go away,
I know between us there’s still so much to share and say.
No matter.
Come hell, high water, or minute by minute,
I’ll get through this day.

Flame -by- Lotidings

We’re arousing, thrilling, exciting,
Do we get turned on by our fighting?

The day you came home from work
I remember how you lost your thought,
I hope I drove you berserk.

Do we secretly enjoy the pain, when we reach out to touch our flame?
Are we both challenged by our game,
or is it since the first time we loved,
we can’t face the fact we’ll never be the same?

Have we lost our senses, can you concentrate?
Worst of all I can barely write,
All I can feel is us, your thrusting,
while my muscles squeeze your manhood tight.

C’mere let’s hold on to each other, as we stand in the middle,
what we have touches on wicked, at times a tad evil.

We can grow, our desires and passion, that’s where we can lay the blame.
Yes…Hold on to me Babe, as our souls burn in the middle of our flame.

I want to gaze upon you as you sprawl,
as on top of you, I’d like to crawl.
A little nibble here and there
down on you I become oral,
the lady inside of me leaves, every single moral.

To hear your moans and feel your quivers, over my suckling,
I take a break to give you a kiss
and whisper, “Do save some for our f******”.

Right then that’s when you give me a flip,
and inside me, I can feel the play of your rims tip.

You tug my head back and pull my hair,
Then whisper, “You bring out a beast inside me
I’m gonna f** you for hours, do prepare.
You’re gonna scream over and over…OH MY GOD BABE RIGHT THERE!”

Everyday deeper becomes the fall.
Is this why you need to think?
Is this why you stall?
Don’t forget there are two hearts that beat.
I won’t leave you alone in our flames heat.

Indeed the Devil was laughing at us when we both took the dare.
There’s no turning back, see you are my prayer.
Hold on to me as we burn in our flame.
We’ll be together as we both go insane.

Mad -by- Lotidings

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, so they say.
I’m sure that’s what you thought of the day you threw me away.
I’m mad, yeah I’m pretty tough!.
I’m sick and tired of your game’s replay.

You treated me like crap, less than an honorable mention.
I’ve come to my senses now and figured out your intention.

No, I’m not stupid, I’m not blind.
When I was made the mold was broke, I’m one of a kind.
My kinda lovin’ only comes around once in a lifetime.

I don’t want you back.

Do enjoy the stench of your skank,
so low on the scale, she doesn’t even rank.

I’ll be nice.

I wish for you she’s everything you dream of,
I’ll go one step further,
I hope she was sent to you from heaven above.

As in our haunt, I’m gonna continue to play,
where you can see me giggle or my hips sway.
Yep, I’m gonna flirt and I’m gonna tease,
then tell another guy,
“C’mere babe, let me do to you as I please.”

You may want to take a chill pill or suck on a butterscotch,
of me, you’ll never again hold or touch,
all you’ll be able to do…(if you can stand it)…is watch!

The Chandelier and The Halo -by- Lotidings

We were hang’n out, yeah with the same group of friends.
We could talk all night there seemed no end.

He is fine, as fine can be.
He’s so handsome, he’s all I could see.

I like the way he can tease.
He said, “C’mon and hang with me.”

I said, “It sounds like fun, but my halo is on tight.”
He said, “Gimme your hand “hot potato”, swing
from the chandelier with me tonight.”

I walked a little closer to him and slightly wiggled my hips.
I gazed into his eyes, then ran my forefinger around his lips.
I said, “Just what do you have on underneath your kilt?
I also find you spicey, Ya wanna cuddle underneath a quilt?”

He said, “Yeah sounds kinda fun, but I gotta work aboard a rig,
you just might have the cure for what ails me like a devils fig.”

I said, “How about a taste of you..just a little bite?”
He said. “If only from the chandelier you’ll swing with me tonight?”

He has powerful sexiness in his glow.
I said, “I believe we could make out all night,
but I’ll need super glue to fix my halo.”

He said, “You can’t-fool me, girl, you have no plight,
but you’re welcome to hang with me anytime, and I’ll
make love to you by chandelier light.”

(Thank you for the inspiration John)

Clover -by- “Harvard & Yale”

Some people say, “It’s over when it’s over.”
but with him it’s not true, it’s like rolling in clover.

I remember as a child rolling down a hill.
I’d wrap arms and legs with a friend.

Oh, what a thrill.

Faster and faster we tumble down the slope,
till we got to the bottom.

Was that the end…Nope.

I’d try to stand up but I was too dizzy.

The trip and my friend created this tizzy.

It’s like that now with us, “Harvard and Yale”

“Yale” you’re all woman. “Harvard” you’re all male.

When we gaze at each other,
we look forward to the next sail.

Both with wide smiles and deep exhales.

“C’mon Baby, let’s go to bed.”

Where on your chest I can lay my head.

Straddled with each other and a rolling embrace.

We two like children with a smile on our face.

As soon as we get to the bottom of the hill,

can’t wait for the next time of our neverending thrill.

(With these two it’s forever, like rolling in clover.)

We did it…then we did it  😉

Twisted -by- Lotidings

In our beginning, I admit I was scared
of the very feelings, we now have shared.
I can not change the person inside that I am.
A natural tease and flirt.

Can you accept this as my Man?

So one night in confusion, I called out to you.
I felt violated, didn’t know what to do.
You could give no compassion, you through a fit.

Which smashed my heart is what you did.

Instead, you called upon another,
When you already have the truest of a lover.

Forgetting that we love each other.

Yet it’s me that asks you to forgive,

as life without you is lonely to live.

Week after week the same old fight.
My insides stay twisted. A daily plight.
What is it that you just can’t see.

You’re the one I want. I love you. Yes ME!

Maybe you can’t say, “There’s just so many. I want to play.”
Now I’ll bow out gracefully. If you truly want me to go away.
And when I look back, I’ll read this rhyme.
and remember the beauty
of the love we made in this lifetime.

(Thank you again, Jon, for the inspiration)