Twisted -by- Lotidings

In our beginning, I admit I was scared
of the very feelings, we now have shared.
I can not change the person inside that I am.
A natural tease and flirt.

Can you accept this as my Man?

So one night in confusion, I called out to you.
I felt violated, didn’t know what to do.
You could give no compassion, you through a fit.

Which smashed my heart is what you did.

Instead, you called upon another,
When you already have the truest of a lover.

Forgetting that we love each other.

Yet it’s me that asks you to forgive,

as life without you is lonely to live.

Week after week the same old fight.
My insides stay twisted. A daily plight.
What is it that you just can’t see.

You’re the one I want. I love you. Yes ME!

Maybe you can’t say, “There’s just so many. I want to play.”
Now I’ll bow out gracefully. If you truly want me to go away.
And when I look back, I’ll read this rhyme.
and remember the beauty
of the love we made in this lifetime.

(Thank you again, Jon, for the inspiration)

A Reminder of the Ecstasy -by- “Harvard” & “Yale”

I remember when he held me tight,
turned me over and began to bite,
and I recall this tongue, his soft lips,

as they circled and twirled across my hips.

I remember as she gripped the sheet,
the way her toes flexed as she pointed her feet.
Twas all she could do as she endured my assault.

She was excited and it was all my fault.

He held my hands down, I could feel his body
move smoothly neat.

It was his kiss tho that ignited my heat.

She wanted me there, it was easy to tell.

She had that look as she started to yell.

His look said it’s time to cook.

So HOT it would burn pages if written in a book.

She said “Turn off the TV. You are all that I need.

With you and you only I’m sexually freed.

He doesn’t know, I don’t think,
how when he’s near I begin to sink.
“Just leave some bite marks where ever you go,

from the top of my head to the tip of my toe.”

I want him here, I want him there.

With a single “Hi”, I want him everywhere.

“Yes turn off the TV, I’ve no need of sex to see.”

Each of his bite marks…a reminder of the ecstasy.”

(“It…The moment.  It’s everything in the moment.
It’s enough…in the moment it’s HOT…but when
the moment is over…It’s not” )  “Harvard”

Why Did I Ask -by- “Yale”

I decided to make a move.
There’s something inside of me I tried to sooth.

I can’t forget the night we talked too straight.
Why did I ask? Now I just ache.

I think I already knew.
I’m sure you gave me a clue or two.
Still, of you, I can’t let go.
It’s what my heart tells me to do.
As to this day
“No other man’s touch do I ever want to know”.

Do I lie to myself? I say, “Patience…he’ll see one day.”
Then you open your window and I can’t wait to play.
Insanity as welcomed me,
right through its gateway.

Jumbled -by- Lotidings

From you, I try to stay away,

as my love for you grows deeper every day.

I am jumbled, like severe turbulence

of a storms wrath over open ocean water.

No amount of bleach in the world
can cleanse the stain on my heart,
knowing we’ll never be one.

We have to stay apart.

Now I’m always standing in the rain
because it hides my tears of pain.
So if deep inside me you try to look,
you will not read me.
No open book.

Tingly Erotic Chills -by- Lotidings

I was sitting here, having sensual notions of you.
I get up, take a slow stroll to get a little air.
It’s what I had to do.

I stopped, brought my arms around me tight,
to ponder, “Why aren’t you here, so we can
make love all night?”

I whisper, “I love you.”  I blow it North East into the air,
hoping a tiny breeze flutters through your hair.

I walk back in the house, to grab my phone,
where your photo is so I can touch your sweet lips,
as I do now with my fingertips.

I find a teeny amount of solace, knowing we’ll chat in a few hours,
remembering, I’m under your spells enchanting powers.

Oohh….anticipation, excitement, the tingly erotic chills.
“Soon”, I tell myself, “I’ll be with you and our
carnal knowledge thrills.

Hunk Muffin Fine -by- Lotidings

So Y’all want to know what a “Hunk Muffin” is?

Well, when a guy is full of all man grace,
not to mention of fair face.
When he can make your temperature rise,
stroll’n by in his Levi’s.
He is absolutely perfect.
A sent from Heaven above sign,

he’s made the grade of,  “Hunk Muffin” fine.

You’ll want him to come a little closer,
so you can tell him a few things to
him you’d like do to.
Y’all know what I’m talking about ladies,

like you, and you, and you.

When you bet he tastes as good as he looks.
Keep’n the thought in the back of your head,
“but can he cook?”,
and you want him to take another walk,
to check him out again from behind.

Yes, he’s delectable…He’s “Hunk Muffin” fine.

You’ll want him to come on over,
introduce himself to you and your friends,
to behold his grandeur,

every single inch of his mouth watering odds and ends.

HAVE MERCY, he’ll be appetizingly HOT.
You’ll be sure there’s a couple of sensual pleasures

by him, you’d like to taught.

Oooh…how he’ll sizzle, he’s been finely carved out,
the Lord used his chisel.
You’ll want to ask him,
“Do you have someone special in your life?
If you do get rid of her, as I’d like to spread

my hands all over you, like being buttered with a knife.

YEOW! Do Y’all see “him”, that one right over there?

Y’all come on now all your eew’n and ah’n has become
a little much.
I’ve decided you can look at “him” but don’t you dare touch.
He’s made my grade of “Hunk Muffin” fine.
I’ve made up my mind, whatever it takes of me
I’m gonna make that “Hunk Muffin”,
“him”, yeah YOU mine.

(Thank you,  Jon…you put the “Hunk” in “Hunk Muffin”)


A Tiny Slice -by- “Yale”

I know you’re think’n of me,
the gentle breeze rustle’n through the trees tells me.

I’ll play our tune, over and over again.
I hear you sing’n, “C’mere baby, I want to hold you tight,
come and dance with me tonight.”

Then I feel the softness of your sweet tasty lips,
while we sway and you hold on to my hips.

My mind starts to float to the last love we made.
Good or bad, with you, not one moment would I trade.

What we share, makes my pen flow.
You’re my inspiration, “Harvard”.
Do you know?

A tiny slice of you is in everything I write,
ever since you said, “hi”, that fateful night.

As long as there is cyberspace forever does our love story dwell.
Our story every day still being written.
Our story so beautiful, Time itself…has to stop to tell.